My Lunch at Toshiko



Caterpillar at Toshikos

A friend and I went for lunch, there was no wait time and our rolls came out quick. I ordered the Caterpillar, the Blossom roll (Blossom Roll is wrapped with a soy wrap) and my friend had the white Dragon Roll. Pared nicely with a Momo Kawa Diamond Sake. The chef making the rolls was pleasant to talk to and shared his background with us….. As far as culinary goes. The Atmosphere here is great plenty of light in this place, glass windows in the front helps this place look spacious. The service was great the server was knowledgeable; she knew what each roll had and knew her drinks.

I would recommend this place to anyone in the area of Hanford this place is kid friendly and also offers Yakiniku BBQ.

Waiting for the new year

Waiting for the New Year…. Thinking about what my New Year resolution will be??…We all say we are going to lose weight how often are we successful? So do we all need motivation or is it just that we have become much lazier? Or like me (my Excuse) I work, come home make dinner, clean up, help with homework, play with the little one, and get ready for the next day and then time for bed 8:30 issh.. I should get up early and do a light workout but I usually snooze.  I still Hope everyone has a GREAT year and put this whole End of the World stuff behind us and appreciate life and this world we live in. Maybe I’ll be much nice in my restaurant reviews or recycle more………Happy New Year!!!